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Manifesting Money – What Many Teachers Don’t Understand and How it May Hurt Their Students

I will say that every teacher brings a new world to their students and quite honestly we are all both students and teachers. However there is one study of teaching that can be very misleading and that is the teaching of manifesting money. The mental sciences are quite new to many people. Many people have a journey to travel until they gain the level of mental mastery that produces mysterious and magical results. Luckily you can learn these secrets.

However before I share these teachings there is something you must first understand. Many students are led to believe that they must struggle with hard work or they are doomed to manifesting what they want.

This is sad because ultimately the student has returned to the same old tired belief of physicality ruling their reality. Reality is the creation of the inner mind. If there is any place one must work hard at it is in the development of their mental skills.

At the same time there is nothing to fear or be saddened for because each teacher matches the student at their level of need. We attract teach which is within our level of consciousness.

When it comes to manifesting money physical work needs to be applied but after the mental works has been set into place. The mental work is the blue print of physical form. Spirit and Mind first Physical After.

There are Many Levels to Physical Reality

Not everyone has the ability to manifest at the same rate. Everyone manifest at a very different rate depending on where they are in their level of consciousness. How much you are able to understand the layers of reality or manifesting has a lot to do with your level of consciousness.

Your level of consciousness manifests itself in your ability to quiet your mind and observe. It reflects in how you process your present existence and how much sense you make out of it. Your capacity to move through the plains of existence have to do with how developed your mind is. How developed your mind is will determine how strong you are at manifesting money or anything. A developed mind influences everything around you.

The Lower Plains of Reality

Those who exist in the lower plains of reality are ruled by the physical world. Those people take very little time for Contemplation. They spend very little time living on the inner plain of the mind. They are generally very restless about life. They do not understand that life is a mirror of what they have first created in their inner world. They are generally highly emotional and have little self control.

They believe that you have to work hard for money. They believe that you absolutely must have several sources of income to exist. They believe that hard work and a little bit of visualizing will get results.

The Middle Plains of Reality

Those who exist on the middle plain of reality are those who are naturally creative beings. Somehow they have discovered that there is a world which exist within themselves. They realize that what they create in that inner world mirrors itself in physical form. However because they did not learn the real secrets their results are often a hit or miss. They may also not know how to use their skills to create a harmonious life, nor have they discovered how to use their creative skill to attract wealth but if they learned they are the ones who will manifest money faster than those who live in the lower plains.

The Higher Plains of Reality

Those who exist in the higher plains of reality have let go of the hardened physical beliefs which exist in reality. They move up the scale and know how to tap into the sources of nature to manifest what they want rapidly. They understand that some work is needed but whatever work they do is perfectly timed by their higher selves. They don’t struggle day in and day out to produce results. What they do is perfectly timed to get the maximum results. Their mental power is developed and strong. Their power of influence is at a heightened state, they get what they want in a fun and easy way.

While the person on the lower plain struggles to manifest money by taking 20 steps those who exist on the higher plains will take 5 thrilling steps filled with fun and ease. The results will be magical. They always get more than they imagined.

The secret to manifesting money is to discover how to use nature to fuel your psychic power so that every step you take is perfectly timed for quantum results.