Wealth Building

How to Make Big Money Fast by Building Cash Flow

There are specific techniques one can use to make big money fast, but look, this isn’t for everyone, simply because it takes a certain kind of assertiveness and discipline to achieve such results quickly. However, I do know that anyone can do it. There is a moment when you learn something new, after much grappling with the concept and attempting it, that you finally “get it” it is at that point that you can confidently go forth and achieve your desired goal.

This is the same thing. Big money, is anything above 5 figures a week. So anything over $10,000 dollars a week would for anybody be considered big money. This sort of income would see you a millionaire in 24 months. To get big money rolling in you need to apply some sort of leverage in any business you have. It is true, leverage amplifies the results. So if you make even a few dollars a day consistently in a business, you can amplify that dramatically with some form of leverage. It is also true, that if your business was making a small loss each day, using leverage would magnify and speed up your losses.

So my point is that to make big money, in what ever business you are in, you first need to establish an income. Less but sure, is better than more but erratic so make sure your small income is solid. Once this is definitely the case, all you have to do is apply the tool of leverage.

You can use money leverage, buy borrowing funds to invest in quantity, or you can use people leverage, by employing 10 people you can multiply your production and profits by 10, or you can use time leverage, by setting up your business in a way that it creates a small income daily but on auto pilot, you can create many thousands of these small legs of income.