Wealth Building

How to Make $100 Dollars a Day Starting Today!

OK, today, let’s cut through the confusion and the reams of rhetoric on the internet devoted to how you can make money. If there is anything more confusing and convoluted it would be this. I am going to show you now, a quick and simple way that YOU can start making money right now, today! By the time you go to bed you will see money in your account if you follow these instructions and by the end of the month you will be making a solid passive income of at least $100 dollars a day whether you are sleeping or shopping or just lazing around a pool, so here goes.

The first step, and the thing to realize is that you cannot make money without a product or service to sell. To be unrealistic and look for jobs, especially online where you are not involved with some form of product or service is not the way to approach it. There are company’s that actually have well developed and proven well selling products that will give you a commission on each sale you are responsible for.

All you have to do is join one of these amazingly easy affiliate programs and take the special line of code you will be given in your account. This code comes in the form of a link which when clicked goes to the marketing pages of the product. What this code also does is identify you as the affiliate and therefore allows you to get paid.

Next, you take that link and join 100 different forums related to the topic you are promoting. Make sure to keep the usernames and passwords in order and visit these forums every day. For example if you found a guitar learning course for sale then you would join as many active guitar forums. Just join and leave a short line encouraging people to click your link in the resource area. This is a place in each post you make that you are allowed to place such things. Now all you have to do is make constructive, interesting and friendly posts on each forum. Within a month you will be sending a pile of visitors to the product pages and be easily earning a wall of internet cash.