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China Now Has Over 125 Billionaires and Growing

Anybody who thinks that there is an unbelievable amount of wealth in the United States might be humbled at the fact that there are over 125 billionaires in China right now. Well, there are probably many more, but there are over 125 billionaires that we know about. Interestingly enough, Forbes puts out a list each year of all the billionaires, and the number in China is growing dramatically.

The 125 figure is growing so fast, that no one can keep track of it, and this does not include those in Macau or Hong Kong. The Forbes list for China this year noted that there were well over 1000 people who had more than 150 million.

Most all of these folks are entrepreneurial-based, and they made their money the hard way and are considered “self-made” (states Forbes) women or men; something that capitalist countries are often extremely proud of and this is interesting because most of the world still considers China to be a communist nation (hardly). These latest results show just the opposite, and they are living proof that China is changing rapidly.

Also along with all of this wealth, it should be noted that those with the money have the political power to continue the process, meaning that the more wealth that is generated by movers and shakers, and entrepreneurial capitalists, the more chances that China will continue to stay and grow as a capitalist nation.

Indeed, maybe China can teach the United States a thing or two about what works, and what does not. It seems these days that China is acting more like a capitalist nation, and our nation’s political leaders in Washington DC are acting more like socialists, or communists. I hope you will please consider all this.