Personal Finance

How Important Is Wealth to You?

It is a well known fact that life is not fair, and wealth is reserved for a relatively few people in the world. Wealth, however, is not the same thing for all people. To most, it may mean a huge amount of money. To others, it may mean a small amount of money in order to live comfortably, but wealth could include such things as good health, family, friends, and peace of mind.

Since unemployment is still high and the economy has not fully recovered from its serious ills, economic insecurity in the United States remains in the hearts of many. Studies have shown that the percentage of present day workers who feel confident that they have saved enough money for a comfortable retirement is at or near record lows.

Many of the richest Americans are several billion dollars richer than in recent previous years. Even people who know they will never be in the list of the richest Americans realize that there is still a chance that they can find enormous success in this world. It depends on how important wealth is to you and how much you are willing to work for it. Unless a person was born with a silver spoon, it will take an inordinate amount of work to achieve great financial success.

The news that a large financial institution was hit with an $18 billion dollar fine which is not a big problem to them is hard to swallow for most people. Since it is supposedly only half of their annual income, they do not consider it a major concern. While most people can only dream of having a million dollars, having a billion is out of the realm of thinking. It is mind boggling.

People find various ways of earning money. Most who work hard at a job will generally find and achieve a good living but without the frills. It often becomes necessary to have one’s own business, to invent a useful item, or to find a way to receive royalties to get ahead in this life and find true financial wealth. There is usually an element of luck which must accompany the talent and hard work one puts forth.

Brilliance is an attribute which is regularly used to describe some of the world’s richest people, but they basically started out as ordinary people. These are people with ideas which they put into practice.

Japanese Americans and immigrants from Japan suffered greatly during World War II. Any material wealth they had acquired was taken away and lost. They were not able to earn money in most cases as those living on the West Coast were incarcerated in camps. They lost not only their material possessions, but their freedom and dignity as well. Some lost their good health in the process. It was extremely difficult for them to start over at the war’s end and to try and regain any amount of wealth they had lost. Yet they persevered and some became wealthy in subsequent years.

Owning one’s own business has long been considered a means for attaining wealth. Millionaires are created in brick and mortar businesses and in home based business where the “little guy” without a large amount of money can start a business of his own. People are succeeding everyday, but it is not easy. There are chances for almost anyone to potentially achieve wealth, which is important in some measure to everyone.