Disputing a Judgment on Your Credit Report

If you are a person who has faced a credit report which has a bad judgment on it then you know the price you have to pay when it comes to your FICO credit scores. A judgment is a debt that is stated by the courts as yours and you are then entitled to pay that debt, and this kind of thing is not particularly good as it will not only show on your credit report but also on your court records as well.

When you are in a situation like this you have three different choices, first you can do nothing or you can also pay it off or you can also have it removed. For some people paying it off is not a reality and in the case of not doing anything that will leave you in the same position. So the best option out of the three is to get it removed from your credit score. And in the situation of trying to remove the judgment from your credit score you will find it very hard as this is even harder than dealing with an old credit card or loan.

And you cannot just send in a simple letter stating that it is not yours, so the best thing to do when disputing your claim is to give information about a specific issue on your credit report. And when disputing your claims make sure you have other data to prove that the item does not belong to you, but without this information you will be getting a hard time.